2006-present Member, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
Women in AMIA Task Force, Pipeline Subcommittee Member, 2016-present
2013-present Member, Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
2015-2016 Associate Member, American Federation of Medical Research (AFMR)
2013Member, HIMSS Texas-South Central Chapter
2014-presentMember, HIMSS Louisiana Chapter
Professional Development Committee Member, 2016-present
2006-2009Representative, Graduate Student Council, Vanderbilt University
Webmaster, 2006-2009
2008-2009Biomedical Informatics Graduate Student Council, Vanderbilt University
Secretary, 2008
President, 2009
2013-presentMember, Tulane Career Development Club, Tulane University
2017-presentSchool of Public Health and Tropical Medicine General Faculty, Tulane University
Secretary, 2017-present