Teaching Activities

Vanderbilt University
BMIF 7340Clinical Informatics (Co-Developed/Co-Instructor: Spring 2022-2024)
Guest Lecturer/Participant
BMIF 6300Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (Clinical Decision Support: Fall 2019-2022)
ACI 6110Introduction to Clinical Informatics (Clinical Decision Support: Fall 2018-2021; EHR Safety/EHR Safety Measures: Fall 2020-2021)
ACI 6120Clinical Decision Support and Evidence-based Patient Care (Application of Clinical Decision Support: Spring 2020; Medication-Related Clinical Decision Support: Spring 2021-2022)
NI 6730Advanced Concepts in Informatics (Clinical Decision Support/Clickbusters: Summer 2021)
ISC 05Clinical Informatics Integrated Science Course (Clickbusters: Fall 2021, Spring 2022; The Vanderbilt Clinical Informatics Center and Clinical Informatics Core: Fall 2022, Spring 2023)
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
BINF 6300Introduction to Public Health Informatics (Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016)
BINF 7310Advanced Public Health Informatics (Spring 2017)
BIOS 6310Introduction to Methods in Data Science (Fall 2017)
Guest Lecturer/Participant
BIOS 6220Database Management (Introduction to REDCap: Spring 2015)
Independent Study
Programming in Python (3 credit hours, Aaron Pedeaux, Spring 2017)
Python Programming in Biomedical Informatics (1 credit hour, Rose Goueth, Spring 2018)
The University of Texas School of Biomedical Informatics at Houston
HI 5313Introduction to Electronic Health Records (Teaching Assistant: Fall 2011)
HI 6001Advanced Electronic Health Records Analysis (Co-Instructor: Spring 2012)
HIT 5323Evaluation of Health Information Systems in Applied Health Informatics (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013)
Guest Lecturer/Participant
HI 7301Grant Writing (Mock Review Panelist: Spring 2012, Spring 2013)
The University of Texas Medical School at Houston
Informatics for Clinicians and Clinical Investigators (Co-Instructor: Summer 2012)